Jen Kluczkowski

Entrepreneur and Mindfulness Expert Who Will Help You Land Where You Are.

Jen found mindfulness, meditation, and yoga after flying for too long… and in the wrong direction. After years working in high-growth tech companies, she ended up with chronic back pain, insomnia, and anxiety. When she finally decided to land, she was able to reassess where she was heading and redirect her life to be more in-line with her purpose and values. Jen continues to land over and over, no matter where she is, to keep rested, clear, and capable of course correcting when she needs. Jen loves to invite others to do the same.

Through MINDFRESH, a company she founded in 2014, she trained 75 teachers in 18 cities across the globe. Her team is responsible for leading over 2,000 mindfulness sessions on-site at companies like L’Oreal USA, Pinterest, The New York Times, Foursquare, Deutsche Bank, and Chanel. Jen is an Advanced Jivamukti yoga and meditation teacher, TEDx speaker, frequent visitor to India, entrepreneur, and also consults for purpose-driven brands.

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“By changing your mind, you change everything.” - Swami Satchidananda
Personal Mantra

Personal Mantra

Be Love

Inspired by

Inspired By

Amma to “embrace the world”

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Favorite Meditation Spot

The Ganges River. The altar in my room. ANYWHERE!

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