Ava Johanna

An Uplifting Coach Inspiring You to Ignite Passion in Your Life

Ava Johanna is a celebrity meditation and movement instructor, host of The Alchemized Life Podcast, and digital content creator based out of Los Angeles, California. Whether on the podcast or on the meditation cushion, Ava works with individuals to activate their soul’s purpose, create powerful daily routines, and elevate every area of their life simply by adjusting their mindset through meditation and fully embodying the energy of empowerment and confidence.

Ava is a certified 1GiantMind meditation instructor. She has been featured on major wellness publications such as MindBodyGreen, Wanderlust’s 35 Under 35, Life&Style Magazine, and Yoga Journal.

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“Freedom is about being so truly, madly and deeply attached to your own soul that you can’t bear – if only for a moment – a life that doesn’t honor it.” - Andrea Balt
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Daily must-have

20 min. meditation + bulletproof coffee

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Favorite meditation spot

The beach!

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My dog, Penny

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